The first orange planters were invented in the 17th century by André Le Nôtre, the gardener of King Louis XIV for the château, the Palace of Versailles, near Paris.

Exotic fruits were "fashionable" at the royal table in Versailles, but delivering them from their countries of origin was not successful. So it was decided that the trees would be growing directly in Versailles. Since the plants were sensitive to the harsh winters in Versailles, an orangery was built to accommodate the fragile exotic trees, citrus trees and palm trees, where they will be moved to spend the winter months, from November to April.

Rather than planting and replanting these trees two times a year, André Le Nôtre conceived the idea of the portable planter where the trees could remain permanently all year long, instead of stressing the plants and trees by transplanting several times a year from the gardens to the orangery.

Because of the severity of the harsh climate in France and the heavy weight of the trees, the orange planters were manufactured with an exceptional solidity. Today, our garden planter boxes are still fabricated in this traditional way to sustain those rough conditions.

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Our woods come exclusively from plantations established by the Dutch in Indonesia in the 19th century, under the Indonesian Government control.
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